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INWPIA is pleased to announce new continuing education benefits for members with Investigative Courses!
Investigative Courses is from Dean and Karen Beers (Associates in Forensic Investigations – CO). Investigative Courses has offered distance learning courses for all platforms since 2012. We are honored to provide a  special 25% discount to INWPIA members, and will also donate an equal amount back to INWPIA. As a member, your enrollment exclusively benefits you and INWPIA!
Please use this exclusive link to register and for course information, and email to receive your discount code. 


Premium Private Investigator training from someone who's been there and done that.  
Larry Kaye, P.I. is a Security and Investigation Consultant, excellent trainer, semi-retired Private Investigator, Process Server, frankly-awesome skip tracer, strangely good listener and all around nice guy who knows some scary things.
Larry is the creator of The Investigator s Ultimate Guide series which is known as premium Private Investigator training from someone who s been there and done that.  Plus he s a total Jesus Freak, so he s always got that going for him. 
Investigative Training Series
  • Surveillance Training   
  • Process Server Training
  • Public Records Mini-Course
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube Channel Link:  ShadowAnyone
Established in 2012, Rainier Investigative Group is driven to be the most professional and honest agency in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho & Alaska. We take on a new case because we truly want to help our clients find a solution to their problems. Rainier Investigative Group is division of RIGroup LLC - Washington PI Agency License 2017  
Offering contract investigations, including civil and criminal investigations, family law, heirs and beneficiaries, workman's compensation and misconduct services, and process services.
NEW  Investigative Services & Training
  • Obtain your Washington PI License!  In Person and Zoom Platforms.
  • Process Service Training 
  • Surveillance and Investigative Methodologies.
  • Threat Assessments and Security - Law Enforcement Consultations

Valerie McGilvrey

Asset Management Specialist - Skip Tracer - Author
Valerie McGilvrey is a native Texan born into a family of entrepreneurs. She's a member of The Fraternal Order of Investigators, and a former Texas Property & Casualty insurance adjuster with heavy experience in fraudulent claims, document fraud, witness location, and has performed countless complex investigations into all types of crime-from white-collar fraud to loss of-life investigations. 
She’s authored several books that describe the highly successful methods for locating people and conducting background searches. Skip Trace Secrets and Background Check have reached the top of the civil law book lists in the United States. Also, check out for her contributions. 
Valerie McGilvrey is a Licensed Private Investigator for All Tech Investigations, Longview, Texas.
NITA: The Leader in State-Approved Online Training for Private Investigators and Security Professionals.Online education makes it possible for those pursuing a career as a Private Investigator as well as current Security Professionals and Investigators to pursue pre-licensing courses, continuing education, and professional development at their own pace. We provide online training courses, available 24/7, to advance your investigative or security career.
  • NITA, courses are available with immediate enrollment and may be accessed 24/7.
  • NITA staff will be available for all students from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST during normal business days. All calls will be answered promptly and messages will be returned within 24 hours. Please contact us via phone at 800-730-NITA (6482) or via email at:
  • NITA meets all applicable licensing requirements in the states listed below, and each of our training courses satisfies the state-specific requirements for investigative and security curriculum.  FL Department of Education School License #4875 - Annual License issued by the Commission of Independent Education, FL Dept of Education GA CLTR # CLTR001021- Issued from the GA Secretary of State, yearly AL Certificate Trainer  CT004 --  Issued yearly TX Y School number Y00191 - NITA is a school that can provide CE training MN certified trainer
  • We maintain an active job board on our website, which gives investigative companies the opportunity to post current job openings and browse available employment opportunities.
Overwhelmed by too many search results and too few answers? Learn from an expert.Marcy Phelps, professional investigator, Certified Fraud Examiner, and expert information analyst, shares the latest sources and strategies for investigations and research. Whether you’re checking out your investments, the opposition, or someone’s asset profile, Marcy can show you how to dig deeper, avoid incomplete data sources, and get better, more in-depth results.**Use coupon code Phelps10 for 10% discount on these and all courses on the platform Additional Online Courses Include:
  • Beyond the Balance Sheet:  Strategies for Finding Financial Assets Online.  (2 CPE)
  • Due Diligence Background Investigations:  A 3-Step Process for Minimizing Risk.  (1CPE)
  • How to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro.  (1.5 CPE)
  • How to Search Online News for Due Diligence and Background Investigations.  (1CPE)
  • Online Court Searching:  A How-To for Non-Legal Professionals.  (1CPE)
  • Research Secrets from a Private Investigator:  3 Steps to Better Results.  (1CPE)

Marcy Phelps & Associates Inc., formerly Phelps Research Inc., focuses on due diligence, financial asset investigations, and training services.We approach research and intelligence as an art and a science, blending creativity with technical expertise.
The Certificate of Professional Investigation online training course is now available at The goal of this Certificate is to provide each student with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain an entry level position in the Investigative industry.The Program consists of ten classes designed to equip you to work in the field. The first five courses that you need to complete are:
  1.  Foundations of Investigation
  2.  Interviews and Statements
  3.  Criminal Investigation
  4.  Background/Due Diligence
  5.  Ethics
 Once you pass the Mid-term exam you will take the remaining  five classes:
  1.  Skip-Tracing/Locates
  2.  Report Writing
  3.  Legal Investigation
  4.  Surveillance
  5.  Fraud Investigation

You will then take the Final Exam on those five classes.  Upon receipt of your Certificate the Administrators of the IECOIT Program staff will assist the student in obtaining an entry level job in the field.
INWPIA Members Receive 10% Discount:  Use code:  INWPIA
The Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) provides the following courses free of charge and without login requirements. You must use a modern browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and have cookies enabled to track your progress in these courses. 
Publicly Available Free Courses
  • 101 Coding for the Public
  • 101 Critical Infrastructure Protection for the Public
  • 101 Reverse Engineering for the Public
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Cloud Security - What Leaders Need to Know
  • Cryptocurrency for Law Enforcement for the Public
  • Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management for the Public
  • Cyberessentials
  • Don’t Wake Up to a Ransomware Attack
  • Foundations of Cybersecurity for Managers
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Risk Management
  • Introduction to Cyber Intelligence
  • Securing Internet-Accessible Systems
  • Understanding DNS Attack
  • Understanding Web and Email Server Security


Experts Network's Open Source and Social Media  training community for investigators, researchers and security professionals.
Internet Investigations and Training! Plessas Experts Network, Inc. (P.E.N) informs, trains, researches, and consults on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), internet technology, information extraction, security and worldwide internet usage. Let us help you navigate the languages and technologies of the internet.  

 NEW Courses In Progress!